Friday, May 31, 2013

Sysco Tour

Last Thursday, I had a tour of Sysco Raleigh with my boss.
We went up to meet with a chef consultant to finalize our menu,
so we could begin pricing and send it to the printers.

We were welcomed with this:

Before getting to work, we toured the facility.
They have such an innovative way of getting their products out &
keeping them as fresh as possible in the process. 

After we took a tour, we went to the test kitchen 
and the chef made some goodies to try that
 we will serve at The Red Sofa. 

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It was such a neat experience and I can't wait until the doors open 
& we start serving up some amazing food!


  1. What an amazing experience! :)

  2. So exciting!! Cannot wait for even more!!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure I'll be eating there every day when I visit!!


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