Thursday, May 9, 2013

Doodle's Mom

Are you a follower of What2Wear Blog?
After several months of following Brooke, 
and reading her blog religiously, I knew I had to meet her.
She is absolutely the cutest thing!

Tuesday, I met with her at Nordstorm's Cafe Bistro for lunch.
It was like we have known each other forever..
We immediately started talking about school (she also went to the Art Institute), 
family, life, and of course, blogging & shopping (our two favorite things, besides food.) 

After eating & chatting for a while, we walked around the mall & window shopped.
We had the best time and decided to make it a bi-monthly thing.
Lunch & some much needed girl time.
So glad we finally got together & that I found a sweet blogger friend.

Make sure you go follow Brooke's blog.
She is always dressed the cutest!
Seriously, run don't walk..

Of course I found something for baseball season that I just need.

Lots of exciting announcements on the blog next week!
(No, I'm not pregnant!)


  1. Looks like you and Brooke had a ball! Sometimes people, things just pop in your life when you are not even looking! Love the matt as well!

  2. Is the Nordstrom cafe not the best food in the world?! I love everything on their menu! Can't wait to check out Brooke's blog!


  3. eeeeek thank you so much girl, I SERIOUSLY can't wait for more adventures to come :)!!!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear


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