Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Two

This past weekend was huge for me.

Mr. Army Man got some time off from work.
We got our income tax money in.
Lent was over. My chip obsession continues.
And today, I can finally shop again.

We started out Good Friday at our favorite local breakfast spot The Landmark Cafe.
It's so good that it only serves breakfast, frequented by locals only.
And is usually so packed you can't walk in the door. Literally.
The two of us both got ham biscuits. #thebest

We, then, headed up to Raleigh for Adventure Landing.
Where we played two rounds of putt-putt, laser tag, and go carts.
Where I got two hole in one's!

We headed to Trader Joe's, where we bought two jars of cookie butter!
And then to the mall. The hubs wanted me to scope out what I would need for Spring.
I managed to leave intact without buying anything. He bought a meat grinder for our stand mixer.
Which we've already made fresh sausage with.

Before heading home, he we stopped by one of my favorite local boutiques.
Mr. Army Man wouldn't let me go in. #easterbasketnecessities

We then went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
I only managed to take a few pictures. Who cares I was enjoying the day.

Saturday was busy with errands.
Trip to Lowe's, grocery shopping, yard work, planting spring flowers, etc.

Sunday, we enjoyed an amazing early Easter breakfast with our church family. 
The church had a flower cross ceremony and plus our regular church service.
It was so beautiful.

We headed home where I proceeded to nap and Mr. Army Man crossed watching basketball off his to do list. And later we made dinner.

Mr. Army Man completely surprised me with two amazing Easter presents!

Hope y'all had a Happy Easter Weekend & were bless through and through!


  1. I am fairly certain that all the best Easter baskets have something Kate Spade. Looks like a wonderful weekend =)

  2. Such a great weekend! Adventure Landing is fun, love it there. :)

  3. Looks like a great weekend! Time to catch up on all the shopping you have missed out on the last few weeks ;)

  4. yumm homemade sausage!! Did you make your own recipe?

  5. Awesome weekend! What a great Easter surprise gift. :)

  6. Yay for being able to shop again! Mr. did good on the Easter presents. Mine got me a Percolator, but that made me just as excited ;)


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