Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Blonde Walked into My Blog

Well hello there, all of Morgan's beautiful followers!! 
I am Julia rose and I blog over at A Blonde Walked into a Blog!!

When this gem of a blogger asked me to guest post all I could think was...
Well, DUHHH!!! 
She's pretty amazing. Not gonna lie.
One of my favies, fo shizzle.

I'm all about filling people in on important issues of the world.
Ya know, for everyone's safety and well being of course.
So today I'm going to let you all in on some secrets that have changed my life. 
I hope they do yours as well...

Marco polo did not invent the swimming pool.
I don't know who did and I don't know why we play that ridiculous game while we're swimming... But marco polo is not who we give credit to.

You will not grow a watermelon in your belly if you eat the seeds. 
The show "rugrats" gave me nightmares about this as a kid.

If someone ever tells you that the only candy corn ever made was back in 1911 and that's why we never see it advertised on television today- They are lying. Otherwise we would all be very sick from 100 year old candy corn... Right?

You cannot get pregnant from kissing. and you will not die if you have sex. I
f you didn't know this by now you might be 12 and you should not be looking at blogs.

Your eyes will not pop out if you hold them open while you sneeze. I can't say that I have ever tried it but we're just going with the fact that it would suck if they did.

I was never meant to be a brunette.
I have the pictures to prove it.

Stop lights are ran by a machine.
They are actually NOT little green, yellow, and red men 
inside of stop lights that light up when it is their turn. 
I used to get freaked out thinking they were watching us... 
And then I'd get pissed when they made us wait too long at a red light.
They're not there though. may you sleep peacefully at night now. 

I hope that cleared some things up for you all.
I know that i now have a better understanding of the ways of the world.
come say hi! 
You know you want to!!

Julia Rose.


  1. Haha! Love your life tidbits! Thanks for clearing some things up for me!


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  3. Haha thanks for "clearing" things up ;) I would have gone on thinkin' wrong!

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