Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Vacap- Part Three

Sunday, June 24:
I had a Ladies Luncheon which I talked about here
Victoria, Me, Cooney
And had a sleep over with my niece and nephew.
Complete with:
 a pizza party
root beer floats 
putting on make-up 
and a huge pallat in the living room floor.
And staying up wayyyy past our bedtimes.
My nephew out did him self. 3 am. A 6 year old?
I was a nightmare the rest of the next day..
My little protege. 

Monday, June 25:
Mine and Mr. Army Man's one year anniversary.
We, of course, were not together.
We didn't celebrate or buy gifts.
But I did get to talk on the phone for a while.
So my day was made!
We will have plenty to celebrate when he arrives home!

I also cooked dinner for my mom's boss & his wife.
(He's like my grandpa.)
We had such a great time.
Even though during dinner I cracked my mom's antique dining room table.

Tuesday, June 26:
My parent's 25th wedding anniversary!
My dad was out of town.
So.. Mom and I met up with Kelly and Sam
Read about our met up here

Speaking of my beautiful mom..
This is the convo we had in the car on the way to dinner after taking pictures:
Me: Mom, you are so pretty. You should embrace it more.
Mom: Love is blind.

She is a hoot! I tell ya.
Check my mom's blog out too! 

Wednesday, June 27:
My Nana & Papa's 65th wedding anniversary!
I went shopping with my MIL.
And then spent the day with my Nana and my MIL eating cookies at the nursing home.
It's safe to say that when I got married I was truly blessed. 
My family was already super close with Mr. Army Man's but we joined even closer.
When we have family get together's like I talked about in my last recap, 
everyone on both sides comes together.
It really is a blessing and extremely special.

Thursday, June 28:
I stayed in my pj's all day!

Friday, June 29:
I went swimming with Miller & Victoria.

Saturday, June 30:
Went to a BBQ at Victoria's bf's house.
It was a great to catch up with friends and eat good food!

Sunday, July 1:
Said good-byes to all the family.
How cute is this? Dad and Stinky!
This picture is going to need some explaining:
Meghan, my niece, was sitting in my lap and she pulled at my tank top.
She asked me, "what's this?"
I said, "it's my tank top."
She then points at my boobs and says, "No! What's this?"
I said, "they are my boobs."
She said, "booby ta-tas?"
And I said, "yea."
She said, "I'm going to get some of those. Like you and my momma."
I said, "oh, okay!"
End of conversation.
Mind you she's three.

Then we went to see my grandma at the nursing home.
And Meghan sneezed.
My Nana, like any little old lady, filled her pockets with Kleenex.
Meghan clearly forgot about them immediately.
And I pulled them out later once we got back to my parent's house.  
So when my SIL washed her clothes.. 
I stuffed her shirt.
She put her hand on her hip.
And goes, "I have booby ta-tas now just like you!" 
She was so excited!

It's she a mess?

Monday, June 2:
I headed back home to the beautiful, North Carolina.

More adventures of my break are coming up.. Only one more post!


  1. Love your bathing suite and thank you for the acknowledgement! Sweet thing you. I can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! So neat that all your family's anniversaries fall so close together! My parents' and grandparents' anniversaries are both July 7th but that doesn't fall on a Saturday anytime soon so I guess I won't be able to carry on the tradition! Thanks for the congratulations!! :)

  3. Ha ha! I think every little girl has used kleenex at one point in her child hood. That is too funny!


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