Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Vacap: Part Four

My last recap.
For my last week of break my dad came an stayed with me.
I showed him around Fort Bragg and where I live.
He's visited before but he only got to stay one night and had to leave early the next day.

For the Fourth:
I had some good friends over to meet my dad.
We had ribs and celebrated America's birthday.

My dad redid my upstairs guest bath. 
That will be a post all on it's on later.

I was so happy he got to stay with me.
I was so upset when he left.
I told him I was going to kidnap him forever.
He laughed and said if I did that he couldn't buy me any more stuff.
So I let him leave. Hah!

The rest of my break was pretty low key. 
Can't wait to update you on my life lately now that I'm done with all my vacation recaps. 
Hope y'all have had a great weekend!


  1. Awww so sweet! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your dad :) I'm excited to see your guest bath!

    New follower!

  2. You're precious!


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