Monday, February 10, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 35

Week 35

Gender: It's a Boy! 

Weight Gain/Loss: +28 

Baby's Growth: 
The size of a honeydew melon. 
Weighing in at about 5 1/4 pounds & about 18 inches long.

Movement: Tons!
Trying to enjoy each and every minute of it. 

Food Cravings: I haven't been near as hungry or having cravings like before.
I've been eating really light foods like fresh fruit, crackers, & rolls 
because I've been so nauseous. 

How I'm Feeling: Tired, sluggish & uncomfortable.
Sounds fun, right?

Anything Making You Queasy/Sick: The smell of meat is making me nauseous again.

Sleeping: Just depends on the night.

Stretchmarks: Yes! So embarrassed by them but at least I can blame genetics?
Lathering up with both Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion & their spray oil, as well. 

Belly Button In/Out: In... But very flat!

We need to:
Hang curtains
Put new knobs on dresser
Steam clean carpets 
Decorate built in book shelf
Wash all clothes
Wash all bedding & blankets
Hang artwork 
Find mirror to hang above dresser
Order rocking chair
Spray paint monogram for above crib 
Organize all his presents from his baby shower
Put down rug 

Other To Do's: 
Put car seat in car
Pack hospital bag
Buy aromatherapy birthing oils
Finish birth plan

Favorite Moment This Week: 
That my mom has spent the past week with me unfortunately it was because..

Last Tuesday, I was having major contractions & thought I was in labor. 
I was admitted to the hospital & given more medicine 
to stop the contractions as well as for a UTI.
At the time I was 3 cm dilated.
My mom flew in that night & has been here ever since. 
She has cleaned my house, helped me reorganize my kitchen,
 rearrange my furniture and exercised almost everyday. 
Wednesday, I also went into the hospital due to contractions again.
Thursday, was probably the worst day.
Friday, I had a doctor's appointment & there was no change.

So thankful my mom has been here to help
& that Mr. Army Man's chain of command has been so understanding.
Hopefully this baby boy will arrive before my mom has to leave. 
We are so ready!!

Looking Forward To:  
Holding my sweet baby boy in my arms & kissing his chubby cheeks.
Thanks for reading!
Hope y'all have a great week!

*Just a reminder I am posting this one week behind so I can recap my week in full.
I am currently 36 weeks. 


  1. I have enjoyed every minute (even the 5" of snow) and i'm so thankful I have a great boss!

  2. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother! I went to high school with your sweet mom. I wish you and the little one all the best!


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