Monday, September 30, 2013

Pregnancy Necessities

Pregnancy Necessities

Since becoming pregnant I cannot put the books down.
I found that "Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay" is the best book for 
expecting mothers & mothers alike. 
It literally could be written by Chelsea Handler. 
This woman is crazy hilarious. 
Go get it now.

I absolutely live in maternity yoga pants right now.
So comfy.

I can't sleep without my body pillow. 
Sleeping on only the left side of your body can be a complete pain.
So I had to get creative with how to reach comfort.
If you are pregnant this is an absolute MUST!

Raw almonds & water are my go to snack.
Full of protein & antioxidants are just what this soon-to-be-momma needs.

What are your necessities as of late?  


  1. I can't believe I've not read that book? I usually love books like that. I don't read parenting books, and most of them I feel are really stupid and just make parenting harder and give you a complex. Although I love a good dose of snarky parenting ;) I might have to pick it up. Good necessities - i would also add tums (and actually I started taking an OTC like zantac or something) and lemon drops (wonders for my nausea).

    and on a side note you are one of my One Lovely Blog Award recipients :)

  2. Sleeping on my left side is practically impossible for me. I wake up sooooo often in the middle of the night because I'm on my right or back and something has fallen asleep so my body is alerting me to move. I loved the book, too. It's written by her best friend and there is a sequel! Great essentials.

  3. I never did have the body pillow and I'm wondering why I never got it? Totally would have made life so much better!


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